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Safety: Fire

Scott County has nine volunteer fire departments. Volunteer firefighters are required to partake in annual training exercises and stand ready to serve their community in the event of an emergency.

In addition to fighting fires, Scott County's volunteer fire departments are dispatched to assist with traffic accidents. The departments often provide mutual aid to one another and to departments in communities neighboring Scott County.

Oneida and Mid-County firefighters battle a fire on Main Street in Oneida in July 2011.

Fire Departments

East 63 Volunteer Fire Department
Chief: Matt Lewis
Non-emergency: (423) 663-9500
To report a fire: 911 or (423) 663-2245

South Scott Volunteer Fire Department
Chief: Ryan Bailey
Non-emergency: (423) 627-1700
To report a fire: 911

Huntsville Fire Department
Chief: Chesty Strunk
Non-emergency: (423) 663-3473
To report a fire: 911 or (423) 663-9156

Mid-County Volunteer Fire Department
Chief: Wayne Reed
Non-emergency: (423) 569-2408
To report a fire: 911

Paint Rock Volunteer Fire Department
Chief: Greg Burchfield
Non-emergency: (423) 569-3200
To report a fire: 911 or (423) 569-4111

Winfield Fire Department
Chief: Doug Wilson
Non-emergency: (423) 569-8464
To report a fire: 911

Pine Hill Volunteer Fire Department
Chief: Tony Terry
Non-emergency: (423) 569-9859
To report a fire: 911

Oneida Fire Department
Chief: Mike Stringer
Non-emergency: (423) 569-8253
To report a fire: 911 or (423) 569-8969

7th District Volunteer Fire Department
Non-emergency: (423) 569-9409
To report a fire: 911


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